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How to Replace a Broken Toilet Handle

how to replace a broken toilet handleA broken toilet handle is something that can cause a lot of problems because of the fact that you cannot easily flush the toilet. Of course, you can still flush it by dumping a bucket of water straight into the toilet, but that takes a lot of effort and you don’t really want to exert much when all you really need to do was push the toilet handle down to flush.

A toilet handle can be broken because of wear and tear, damage, and even rust. You can still tighten the nut inside your tank, but it will not fix your problem.

Repairing a broken toilet handle is a waste of time and there’s no guarantee how long it will last. We recommend that replacement is always the better option. For you DIY enthusiasts, here’s how to replace a broken toilet handle:

  • Remove the lid. Keep in mind that when you remove the tank lid, always be careful because it could already be brittle. Placing the toilet carefully on top of a cloth or towel can help you avoid breaking it.
  • Remove the old flush handle. You can do this by removing the lift chain. The handle is typically attached to a long arm in the tank, which, in turn, is attached to a chain that lifts the flush valve up whenever you flush. Find the hole which is hooked to the chain and detach the clasp that holds it in place.
  • Replace with a new toilet handle. When getting a new toilet handle, take the old one to your local hardware store and ask if they have something similar. Once you get around to replacing the flush handle, you have to take extra care when twisting the nut that holds the handle because you could damage the porcelain if you force it open or open it in the wrong direction.

How much will it cost?

Usually, a new toilet handle will cost you about $20. This will include the flush handle and the swing arm. The actual cost, however, depends on the kind of toilet that you have. New handles on some high-end toilets cost as much as $100.

While the instructions seem easy, replacing a broken toilet handle could still be a little harder than expected. If you find yourself in doubt as to whether or not you can handle the replacement, the best thing you can do is call a professional plumber to do it for you.


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