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How To Spot Hidden Plumbing Problems

How to spot hidden plumbing problemsDo not assume for one second that just because you bought a newly constructed home or a home with a newly constructed kitchen or bath that it’s devoid of plumbing problems. Some of the plumbing problems that most renovated homes have are found underneath or are hidden from plain sight, all thanks to the new fixtures that were introduced by their previous owners.

The sad thing about buying renovated property is to face thousands of dollars in unwanted plumbing repairs because you weren’t able to detect these hidden plumbing problems, like a leaky pipe or a malfunctioning tap or toilet (even though they are brand new). You need to know how to spot hidden plumbing problems before deciding to acquire any property.

So how does one spot hidden plumbing problems from a distance?

First, you may want to look into who did the renovation or who the contractor was for the home construction. Chances are, if the previous owner hired a less reputable contractor or company, you’re more likely to find shortcuts and cost-cutting measures implemented during construction. Just because the bathtub looks brand new does not mean it’s free from problems.

You can also look at the quality of the fittings. The quality can indicate how the renovation has been done and what’s been done to guarantee its longevity. Look at the fittings in your bathroom, basement, and kitchen. Check for the brands of the fittings to make sure that quality was given priority over cost-cutting. If you’re not familiar which brands are of great quality, you can go online and do your research there. If the existing fittings do not fall under the well-known brands, you may be a victim of low-quality fittings, and you can expect them to manifest problems within a year or two.

Shoddy workmanship is very easy to spot, even if you’re not a tradie. Poor finishing here, crooked tilings there, and even a messy patch of sealant can be indicators of shoddy workmanship and an indicator of the quality of work from an unreliable contractor. When you feel like there’s something wrong with the way the new tap or toilet looks, there is a possibility that you’re actually right.

What do you do then?

Now assuming that you’re probably right about the hidden plumbing problems and that you have your suspicions that the tap was improperly installed or the fixtures look unreliable, you should call a professional plumber to make sure that all your assumptions are correct. They will be able to check the quality of the fittings, the workmanship, and all of the other things mentioned above. If they’re good enough, they can even tell you which contractor did the previous job.


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