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5 Signs Your Home Needs a Professional Taps and Toilets Plumbing Service

Tap Repair

Plumbing fixtures rarely completely break down out of the blue. In most cases, problems start out small and come with warning signs that can be noticed beforehand. A tap will always begin to drip slowly, and only with time will the drip gain intensity. A toilet does not become fully blocked suddenly, but will first show warning signs of a blocked pipe.

Here are five tap and toilet plumbing problems that may seem small but, with timely repairs, can be prevented from becoming major plumbing issues:

1. Your tap or toilet is leaking slightly

Leaking taps or toilets are signs of trouble. Their effects go beyond the annoying dripping sound or the pesky water puddles that you keep having to mop up. A slow dripping tap in your home can easily waste up to 9,000 litres of water in a year! Think about all the hefty water bills you will be paying for water you won’t even use. That’s why, even with small drips, the smart thing to do is to fix the leaking taps or toilets in your home as quickly as possible.

2. Your toilet has a slow or weak flush

Is your toilet bowl emptying slower than ever? This is definitely a sign for you to call a toilet plumber for repairs. A slow or weak flush usually happens when there is a partial blockage in your pipe, which is restricting water flow. If the obstruction is not efficiently removed, you can end up with a completely blocked sewer drain and a non-functional toilet.

3. You have a running toilet

A toilet that continues to run even when not in use is a real nuisance. The constant trickling of water is noisy and disturbing, but even worse is the water wastage. Leaking toilets are known to waste over 60,000 litres of water! So what should you do when your toilet’s flush mechanism keeps running 24/7? Get in touch with a toilet plumber near you for a quick and effective fix.

4. Your tap is making unusual noises

Does your tap emit a screeching sound when it’s turned on? Apart from being super annoying, this sound is also a sign of a faulty washer which needs to be replaced. The screech is produced whenever water passes through a worn down rubber washer. When you start hearing this noise, you should get a plumber to repair your water tap. When ignored, faulty taps can eventually stop working and won’t effectively turn off the water flow.

5. Toilet makes gurgling noises when flushed

Gurgling sounds from a toilet are an indication that something is not right within your plumbing system. A toilet gurgles when sewer gases pass through a blockage in the pipe. If the blockage is not removed, it can end up completely blocking the sewer line. While you can easily tackle minor blockages with a plunger, for stubborn ones you will have to seek help from a toilet plumbing expert.

Prevent minor plumbing inconveniences from turning into disasters by addressing them in a timely manner. Consult a plumber for your faulty toilet and leaking tap repair as soon as possible.

For professional taps and toilets plumbing service contact Ready Set Plumb. We offer a complete range of repairs for water fittings and equipment.

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