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Can’t Figure out Your Blocked Drains? Call an Emergency Plumber in Mosman

You’ve tried everything. You’ve used boiling water. You’ve tried Drano or other chemical drain cleaners. You’ve tried plunging your drain repeatedly. Despite your best efforts, the block drain (or drains) in your house remains thoroughly clogged. What do you do next?

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Our emergency plumbers in Mosman are pros at fixing blocked drains. Whether you are dealing with a perpetually clogged toilet or a bathtub that takes a solid hour to drain away its water after each use, we can help. By using the latest equipment, there is virtually no blocked drain that we can’t fix. Best of all, our blocked drains service in Mosman provides both short-term relief and long-term results. Not only will your drain start working again right away, but it also won’t clog up again anytime soon.

Why Home Remedies for Blocked Drains Often Fail

Some homeowners assume that, with the wealth of home remedies that are supposed to help with blocked drains, there is little need to call a plumber in Mosman anymore. Certainly, drain clearing gels like Drano have made it possible for consumers to handle minor drain clogs on their own – but why don’t these products always work? Why should you have an emergency plumber in Mosman on your speed dial, just in case?

The problem is that chemicals like Drano are only so effective when it comes to resolving drain blocks. If grime, gunk, or just a little bit of hair is blocking your drain—in other words, if the clog isn’t particularly severe—drain cleaning chemicals might be able to take care of the block. However, drain cleaners typically can’t do much about larger drain blocks, such as huge wads of hair or big clumps of dirt and sand. These impurities typically need to be snaked out of the drain for the drain to run freely.

Furthermore, products like Drano are rich in harmful chemicals. If you are uneasy about pouring these chemicals into your drain and potentially into your water supply, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners share your concerns but use drain cleaning chemicals anyway because they think these products offer a foolproof solution. The truth is that drains and drain clogs are more complicated than most people realise. Hiring a professional plumber in Mosman to help you handle these clogs, therefore, is usually the best course of action.

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With that said, you can always try home methods—such as pouring boiling water down the blocked drain or trying to clear it out with a toilet plunger—to try helping the issue. These solutions are usually only stopgap fixes, rather than serving as true repairs. However, they can sometimes help to speed up the drain slightly and make it functional until a plumber can get there to resolve the problem entirely.

At Ready Set Plumb, our emergency plumbers in Mosman can respond to your blocked drain issue quickly and effectively. To engage our services, call us today on 0422 704 670.

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